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McCormick Gold Mine

bushes with a large golden colored rock and a sign that says gold mine, pan for gold

McCormick Gold Mine

In February 1852 William Burkhalter Dorn discovered the second richest vein of gold in South Carolina history on the land of his friend, Dr. John Wardlaw Hearst. Mr. Dorn became a very wealthy man before the mine was depleted in the late 1850's. The mine was then sold for $26,000 to Mr. Cyrus Hall McCormick, who expended much effort in a futile search for another strike. The mine operated from time to time until the 1930's. Today there are no remains of the buildings which stood at the site. There is one mine shaft still on site and available for touring.


The mine is located at 209 N Mine Street, McCormick, SC 29835.

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